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Our Story

In 2010, OmniTeq was established by USAF General (RET) Lance W. Lord as a forward-thinking company that specializes in delivering mission-critical solutions to both commercial and government customers. Among our customers are the DoD, NASA, the Intelligence Community, and a variety of civilian agencies.

Our Mission

By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with human intelligence, we can address our greatest challenges. This powerful combination provides decision-makers with information on events before they happen, enabling them to predict and prepare for potential scenarios, rather than merely reacting to them. This proactive approach can help us tackle the most significant issues of our time, and mitigate risks before they become crises.

Our approach provides valuable insights into events before they happen, enabling decision-makers to make proactive decisions instead of reactive ones. With this powerful combination of technologies, we can predict events with greater accuracy and take the necessary actions to mitigate potential risks.

Our Leadership Team

Proven performance in space, AI/ML, and advanced predictive analytics across federal and commercial markets.

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