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Case Studies

OmniTeq's ability to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers has been a key factor in our success. With our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, OmniTeq has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner in both the commercial and government sectors.

Modern electric grid lines and renewable energy concept with photovoltaic panels and wind

Energy Solutions

OmniTeq Energy employs advanced predictive analytics to foresee power system issues, analyzing historical and real-time data for proactive equipment maintenance, averting unexpected downtime. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the company optimizes power processes by continuously adapting AI algorithms to changing conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency, reducing waste, and enhancing overall performance.


AI-driven strategies are integrated to minimize downtime in power infrastructures, identifying and addressing potential issues preemptively, improving reliability, and lessening the economic impact of downtime.


The integration of AI in security protocols enhances power system resilience, with AI-powered solutions detecting and responding to threats in real-time, safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring global power network reliability and security.

BioTech Solutions


OmniTeq's AThENA AI/ML platform is being developed to revolutionizing drug development by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into clinical trials' phases 1, 2, and 3.


In phase 1, AThENA's sophisticated algorithms analyze extensive datasets, identifying safety concerns and determining optimal dosages. Moving to phase 2, the platform excels in assessing drug effectiveness by leveraging machine learning to analyze patient data and predict responses with precision. In phase 3, AThENA optimizes patient recruitment, identifying suitable candidates based on diverse parameters. This accelerates trial phases, ensures targeted decision-making, and potentially reduces time and resources for successful drug development and market introduction.

Researcher with glass laboratory chemical test tubes with liquid for analytical , medical,
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Smart City Solutions

OmniTeq is developing smart city solutions using its AThENA platform with geospatial analytics and maps to simulate urban planning and land-use plans, while using IoT connections in legacy buildings for automated decision-making and recommendations.


The 3D point clouds and real-time data analysis provide a comprehensive view of energy consumption, waste management, security monitoring, mobility improvements, and infrastructure management. The solution allows for efficient urban planning processes, reducing potential issues and optimizing building performance resulting in improved sustainability and cost savings. The integration of IoT connections provides real-time data analysis for a better understanding of the building's energy usage, waste production, and key metrics, providing recommendations on how to optimize the building's performance.

Automotive Solutions


OmniTeq is developing customized platform solutions to the automobile industry, integrating multiple data-providing services into one platform to maximize purchasing decision-making and return on investment.


The solution is powered by requirement-driven analytics and artificial intelligence modeling, providing a one-stop-shop solution that increases return on investment. OmniTeq's expertise in data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence modeling helped consolidate various data sources into a single platform, simplifying the decision-making process for customers. The solution allows the automobile industry to access all the relevant information in one place, making it easier to analyze data and make informed decisions, ultimately increasing ROI.

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Environmental Solutions

OmniTeq is developing solutions to monitor fishing fleets in the worlds oceans to detect illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing events, ensuring proper conservation of the global fishing food supply. These solutions include the use of AThENA predictive analytics software to alert decision-makers to unregulated fishing behaviors, vessel patterns, and recommended courses of action.


As part of the solution, remote sensing data collection capabilities driven by AI/ML algorithms and data fusion are also provided, which can be deployed on any remote sensing assets for better detection and monitoring of unregulated fishing activities. These solutions aim to improve the conservation of the global fishing food supply and prevent illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing events.

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