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OmniTeq Awarded the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Services Schedule

Houston, TX—September 7, 2022, —OmniTeq Space System Division, a company specializing in launch and deployment systems that include spacecraft Mission Integration and Operations (MI&O), was awarded the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Services Schedule. As an awardee, OmniTeq is able to provide specialized services to federal agencies at a pre-negotiated fixed rate for assured access to space.

In line with commercial launch services, OmniTeq provides a catalog of turnkey services within the GSA Schedule for CubeSat and MicroSat deployments in Low-Earth Orbit on rideshare opportunities. Other services being provided to federal agencies through our services menu include microgravity research and hosted payloads.

Experienced in over 300 satellite deployments as a collective management team, OmniTeq offers services to a number of federal agencies including the U.S Air Force, DARPA, and NASA. With the variety of mission applications, these services are provided through a fleet of deployment systems including the Slingshot, Equalizer, Octobucket and Rifle platforms. Backed by a 100% success rate of deployments and a regular cadence to space, these services cater to a variety of commercial and federal customers.

Due to the thorough vetting process for the consideration of this contract, OmniTeq is considered a trusted launch service provider. “We are pleased to add this to our Multiple contract Vehicles. OmniTeq Space Systems is proud of our successful past performance that we have achieved since company inception” says COO, Chad Brinkley. This achievement required negotiations resulting in an efficient procurement process to facilitate affordable, reliable, and cost-effective access to space.


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