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OmniTeq spins off its Space Systems Division

On November 22, 2022, L2 Solutions, LLC (DBA OmniTeq) completed a spin-off restructuring of its Space Systems division (formerly SEOPS) into a newly formed entity, Reprise Space Solutions, LLC (DBA SEOPS). This will allow Reprise Space Solutions (DBA SEOPS) to define its growth strategies more effectively within the expanding space services market. This restructuring will also provide new investment opportunities as the company continues its growth path in spacecraft engineering, design, manufacturing and launch services.

OmniTeq will remain focused on our mission to solve our greatest challenges by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with human intelligence providing information on events before they happen, allowing decision makers to predict events instead of reacting to them. OmniTeq's proprietary Artificial Thought Engine Networked Architecture (AThENA) provides both commercial and government customers with an advanced software analytics platform designed to ingest all types of data whether from real-time streaming sensors or Big Data sets held on premise.

AThENA combines the power of data analytics with AI models and algorithms to match the appropriate data science method to the problem at hand. With a customizable user interface, AThENA gives the user visualization capabilities that range from dashboards to cutting-edge holographic, and immersive environments. AThENA does the hard data science work so you don't have to, making sense of all forms of data, predicting events before they happen, giving business and government decision-makers the edge in today's fast moving, dynamic global environment.

OmniTeq also provides a wide range of services to our federal and commercial customers that include data modeling and analytics, IT and security management, and cloud and data management solutions.


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