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Phase II of Mission P&G Tide Complete

Houston, TX—September 12, 2022, — OmniTeq Space System, is proud to announce the completion of Phase II of Mission P&G Tide. This was made possible by our commercial Agreement with Procter and Gamble, as well as our User Agreement with ISS National Lab that provides access to the ISS Manifest, Crew Time and other valuable resources. Through this collaborative effort advanced laundry concepts were performed to raise the Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Hygiene is mission critical to long duration space missions, commercial space station laboratories and other microgravity environments. The P&G Tide team increased their knowledge to advance similar activities on Earth in resource-constrained environments. “We are pleased to play a role in enabling research that identifies sustainable solutions in space, while bringing enhanced knowledge back to earth for terrestrial benefit.” says Chad Brinkley, COO OmniTeq.

In most cases, each mission has a limited clothing budget per Crewmember that takes up precious volume on-board the ISS. Clothing items are worn for an extended time and then trashed on an expendable vehicle and disintegrated upon re-entry back to Earth. Per Mike Johnson, Chief Scientist, “At OmniTeq, we think there is a better way and we are always seeking solutions to add efficiency and increase the habitable volume of the crew quarters – cleaning clothes in-situ is just one of the ways we can improve.” We are proud to participate with Procter and Gamble’s research and congratulate them on their successful mission.


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