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Transporter 5 Mission

CAPE CANAVERAL FL—MAY 25, 2022—OmniTeq Space System Division, successfully launched Octobucket on its inaugural flight onboard the SpaceX Transporter 5 mission. Earlier this month, the OmniTeq team integrated Octobucket with our partners Quad-M.

OmniTeq would like to dedicate this mission to the life and legacy of a friend and colleague, Victor Dube, the founder of Quad-M. OmniTeq’s Chief Science Officer, Mike Johnson, has had the joy of working with Victor for many years, “Victor was a pioneer and trailblazer in the satellite deployer universe. He started building missile decoy deployers in the 1970’s that eventually aided in winning the Cold War while simultaneously designing and implementing the US DoD aircraft flare and chaff systems that are still used today. His collaboration with NanoRacks and eventually with OmniTeq have revolutionized the CubeSat launch industry and his legacy continues to live on.” The OmniTeq team celebrates Victor Dube extraordinary life and the legacy he has left behind.

About TR5 Mission

Through our partnership with Quad-M Inc., our unique launch system, Equalizer Octobucket, was designed to make access to space simple for our commercial and government customers. Octobucket provides the market with capacity of up to 96U with a lightweight design in order to make room for more customer payloads. Onboard TR5, is a compliment of satellites from our customers Space Flight Services, Momentus as well as our own internal payload, VariSat. We understand the complexities of accessing space for our customers, and it is our great pleasure take part in the space industry camaraderie to provide our services.

“I am proud of our seasoned team that is always present in the mission. They have once again, proven to create, build and deploy a new launch system on an impressive timeline.” Said COO Chad Brinkley, “The debut of our Octo mission introduces a platform that maximizes a 24” port for ultimate economic advantages. We can fly up to 96U on the Octobucket or a combination of CubeSats with a SmallSat. This is an ideal platform to use for zero Delta V Missions.”

With a 100% success rate, OmniTeq can add its newest platform to that launch platforms, we are excited to add Octobucket to the OmniTeq Space System’s Team of successes.

For additional media inquiries please email Sydney Blair at Be sure to follow OmniTeq on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For more information on Equalizer Ocotobucket visit our ICD

About Quad-M Inc.

Quad-M Inc. is a full service engineering and manufacturing company specializing in custom deployment systems and aerospace/defense hardware. They have delivered hundreds of deployers for various customers with over 10 unique deployment systems developed over the last eight years. They are dedicated to providing a variety of superior products and aerospace services for their customers.

Quad-M has been building high quality hardware since 1990 and their technology is built on 45 years of deployment experience.

For an overview of Quad-M and its capabilities please visit or to learn more as well as sales inquiries please visit

OmniTeq Space System Division (Formerly SEOPS)

OmniTeq Space System Division was originally founded as SEOPS LLC in 2017. Established to provide Satellite Deployment and Hosted Payloads Operations Services leveraging existing space transport assets and capability to create new, cost effective solutions to our customers.

At OmniTeq Space System Division we have built a foundation to provide access to space utilizing the ISS infrastructure and Rideshare Opportunities with proven launch systems servicing the CubeSat & MicroSat markets. All of our launch systems are U.S built and manufactured. OmniTeq has a highly experienced team with over 300 launches and 30 plus years of experience. OmniTeq continues to build strategic partnerships to further our offerings to customers to get their payloads into the desired orbit.

Our other capabilities include Hosted Payloads Operation Services, and Microgravity Research through existing space transport assets and capabilities to create new, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Utilizing the International Space Station infrastructure and other Rideshare Programs to provide access to space with proven launch systems servicing the CubeSat and MicroSat markets.


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