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Intelligent Data Solutions

From supporting our national security leaders to helping businesses of all sizes, our solutions are dedicated to your success.

We are drowning in data but starving for information.


It Starts with Data

OmniTeq services help determine what data you need, how to get it, and how to incorporate it into your problem set or business model. This includes data such as:

  • Big Data, Structured, Unstructured, and Semi-Structured Data

  • Time-stamped Data, Machine Data, Spatiotemporal Data

  • Open Data, Real-Time Data, Medical Data

  • Business Operational Data and Social Media

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Data


Sense Making with Data Analytics & AI

Our AThENA platform uses AI/ML algorithms and models that supplement human sense-making cognitive processes through the use of:

  • Real-Time Streaming Analytics

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

  • Cognitive Assistant Technology

  • Advanced Evolutionary Algorithmic Research and Development


Custom Visualization

How you view your data makes all the difference. OmniTeq provides our customers with a variety of solutions to quickly understand complex data science information through the use of:

  • Customizable Data Analytics Dashboards

  • Mobile Friendly Apps

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Holographic Displays


OmniTeq's proprietary Artificial Thought Engine Networked Architecture (AThENA) provides both commercial and government customers with an advanced software analytics platform designed to ingest all types of data whether from real-time streaming sensors or Big Data sets held on premise. AThENA combines the power of data analytics with AI models and algorithms to match the appropriate data science method to the problem at hand.


With a customizable user interface, AThENA gives the user visualization capabilities that range from dashboards to cutting-edge holographic, 3D graphics. AThENA does the hard data science work so you don't have to, making sense of all forms of data, predicting events before they happen, giving business and government decision-makers the edge in today's fast moving, dynamic global environment. 

AThENA In Action